The company

A family business founded in 1953 by Gérard Werny, the site initially had only two employees and spanned just over 2 hectares. The development of the alluvial deposit was intended to produce sand and gravel as part of the post-war reconstructions.

In 1967, when the company became a limited company, it had 12 employees. After long efforts with the Autonomous Port of Strasbourg, the Werny Ballastières were able to build their own loading station in the port area of Marckolsheim in 1971, where it is still present.

Part of the aggregate production is transported by self-propelled vehicle on the Rhine to the European market. (Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands) and Switzerland.

In 1978, the Werny Ballastières teamed up with the CAPOULADE Sablières of Isles-les-Meldeuses, near Meaux.

Currently, the site employs 22 people, with an annual production of 550,000 tonnes.

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