Product technical sheets


The product fact sheets are produced once a month on an average of the last 15 results.

Our materials are classified under three standards:

  • NF EN 12620: 2008 – Concrete granulats
  • NF IN 13043: 2003 – Grains for hydrocarbon mixtures and surface coatings used in the construction of pavements, airfields and other traffic areas
  • NF EN 13242: 2008 – Granulats for materials treated with hydraulic binders and untreated materials used for engineering and pavement construction.

The notified body Hochschule Konstanz (ZOP notified body Nr, 1429) has issued a Certificate of Compliance with Production Control No. 1429-CPR-32 under System 2, based on the initial inspection of the production site and production control and the ongoing monitoring, evaluation and assessment of production control.

List of products submitted: