CE Marking

Ce Label is a OBLIGATORY label, which differentiates it from different national standards and ISO 9001 for example.

All quarries and sandpits in the countries of the European community are affected by the CE marking.

Its aim is to harmonize the standards of all these countries and to guarantee the same quality criteria throughout Europe.

The CE marking took effect on 01/06/2004 officially. The S.A.S. Ballastières Werny implemented it from 01/01/2004.

The production of aggregates must, from the effective date, meet 7 product standards (NF EN 12620, NF EN 13242 and NF EN 13043 for us) and 39 test standards.

This has resulted in the introduction of a Granulats Production Mastery Manual, the appointment of a Granulats Production Master’s Officer, and the installation of an identity card for each type of aggregates called “Za Annex”. WeRNY Ballastières have opted for the CE marking system of 2, which translates into internal controls for the 3 standards listed below.

– NF EN 12620 – Concrete granulats

– NF EN 13043 – Granulats for hydrocarbon mixtures and surface coatings used in the construction of pavements, airfields and other traffic areas.

– NF EN 13242 – Granulats for materials treated with hydraulic binders and untreated materials used for civil engineering and pavement construction.